Please note that the counters will give you only an estimate of the amounts. More reliable results can only be obtained by visiting each authority.

In the event of unemployment remember to register as an unemployed job seeker with the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) no later than on the first day of your unemployment. You may register there even while employed. 

You can send your first claim to your unemployment benefit fund after two to three weeks of unemploymen., apply HYHY for the reduced fee for the period of being unemployed and tell us your new e-mail! 

The unemployment fund Statia: earnings-related allowance during unemployment: read more at the Statia site  Unemployment benefit calclators: TYJ: Extra days for the elderly (ie. The pension tube "eläkeputki").

KELA benefits in Euro amounts: read more on the Kela website:

The pension issue: the University of Helsinki University of pension advice (information on Flamma).

KEVA: check your pension; counters and other pension information

Termination of employment University of Helsinki: Human Resources on Flamma.

Job search training and help in case of termination for production and economic reasons: see TE-Office website

The relevant tax calculators, personal customers:

Income Subsidies: see offices at your place of residence (eg Helsinki Work and pension:

Housing benefits: Social Insurance Institution  - Are you losing your home (company apartment) in case of dismissal? See HYHY's portal: Links to the rental housing market:

Universities General Collective Agreement 2014-2017:  The periods of notice can be found in the agreement on page 10. Please note that the duration of the employment relationship affected by the previous employment (eg. working at other Finnish Universities) is different than the total duration of employment for yearly paid leave.